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I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for over a year now so I feel relieved to finally take the time and write it down somewhere.
The concept of the story is basically that there are humans that are born with an insignia somewhere on their body. They’re rare…and hated. Because of their advantage over normal humans. If the military finds out that you are an Insigni then you will be hunted
as long as you’re lose if they do catch an Insigni he will be locked up forever. If you however resist and fight your captors then you will be executed publicly in a giant feast. However an Insigni called Lazul has found a place that is unknown to humans. Therefore he made his goal to find as many Insigni as he can and bring them to this safe place. He has found and saved 3 Insigni to this day and today he will meet someone new.
A Girl named Elia

Today seemed like a nice day - when it started.
I went out and filled my bottles with water like always.
It was hot outside, also calmer than usual, at least while it lasted.
First thing I heard when I came out, was someone running.
The running did not sound threatening as it normally does, it sounded desperate.
Intrigued, I decided to investigate its source
I found a girl lying down looking beat up.
“Hey you are you alright? What happened?”, I asked.
Then she screamed something at me but I couldn’t understand.
“Are you a ghost? Does that mean I am dead?!” She now mumbled.
“What do you mean I am a ghost? I don’t look that bad, do I?”
My answer didn’t seem to help her.
“Leave me alone, you creep I’ve had enough problems already today.” She confused me and I felt the need to respond to her. “But it is illegal to go after humans unless…” Then it hit me and she slapped me: “OUCH, What was that for? I almost had it.”
“Mind my personal space.”
 I went on a distance and asked her again:
“Say, why are you being chased?”
“I-I don’t know I was minding my own business but then these Army people started to ask me questions and searched me.
They found my birthmark on my back and claimed that It was some kind of Insignia but I don’t even know what that is and…”
Hearing that filled me with such Joy: “So I was right. There are still some Insigni out there! Uh, will they be happy at home.”
The Joy I experienced seemed to have blinded me because I forgot that the girl was still next to me:
“What are you talking about?? back at home? Insigni? Still out there? What do you mean?”
“Do you really not know?"
“But how? Where you isolated all your life?”
“No I wasn’t, I was just more protected than others, but I never knew why.”
“You can tell that backstory shenanigans later, I have to introduce you to the others.”
Then she slapped me….again
“You seriously need to stop hitting me”
“What is wrong with you? First you tell me about some stupid Insigni stuff then you just want to basically kidnap me?”
I could now see where she was coming from so I explained everything to her:
“Ok look. You are Insigni. You have an insignia as birthmark on your back.”
“I think I am slowly but surely getting that, but what is an Insigni?
“Insigni are basically really lucky Humans. You see if a Human is born, there is a very small chance that he will bear an insignia somewhere on their body. Some have them on their arm. Others are not as lucky. Nevertheless, the point is that if you are born with an Insignia, you have some advantages over humans. Like better agility and
And then there are special abilities…”
“Special abilities? So Insigni are basically Superheroes?”
“What? No! Don’t make fun of us. First of all we aren’t nearly as cheesy and corny.”

“But I’m right, right?”
“If you take out the stupid “savior of humanity” thing then yes you are right.”
“You really hate Superheroes don’t you”
“Ah Shush it! We are getting off topic here. Where was I again? Ah, right for example me. I was very lucky and got blessed with the gift of Water manipulation! Or as nerds like to call it HyDroKinEsiS!”
So I took out the water in the bottles and formed it into miniature versions of famous buildings like the Eicheltower or the Kingdom-village-house.
“Wow, You really weren’t kidding were you? So I can do something like this as well?”
“Well it depends whether or not you got lucky with your abilities. There is a chance that you don’t get any ability at all.”
“but enough talking come with me lets go meet the others!”
“I’m not sure.”
“Trust me it’ll be great!”
She seemed to struggle with the decision but in the end she trusted me.
I was glad.

To be continued.

Joaquin Harrington Qa



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